Montblanc Summit FAQs

Where can I buy Montblanc Summit?

Montblanc Summit will be available in all Montblanc boutiques in most countries, on, and throughout a physical network of authorised distributors.

Does Montblanc Summit come with different watch cases?

Yes, Montblanc Summit comes in four different variations. For more information on the variations and possible combinations of cases and straps, visit the collection page

Does Montblanc Summit come with different straps?

Yes, Montblanc Summit comes with NATO rubber and leather 22 mm straps. They can easily be exchanged to adapt the watch to your look. For more information on the variations and possible combinations of cases and straps, visit the collection page

Does Montblanc Summit come with different Montblanc watch faces?

Yes, Montblanc Summit comes with numerous watch faces which can be customised; including the 1858 collection and a Sports watch face. Complications can be personalised endlessly: date, battery usage, calendar, worldtimer, step tracker, order a ride and much more.

Is my phone compatible with Montblanc Summit?

Montblanc Summit is powered by Android Wear™ 2.0 which works with iPhone (minimum requirement: iOS 9 and iPhone5) and Android™ smartphones (minimum requirement: Android 4.3). To check if your phone is compatible, visit with the browser on your phone.

What kind of notifications can I see on Montblanc Summit?

Incoming phone calls, messages, emails, calendar, events, reminders and any other notification appearing on your smartphone.

Does Montblanc Summit have voice command?

Yes. Montblanc Summit has Google Assistant built-in. Just hold down the power button or say "OK Google" to find answers and get things done even when your hands are full. Reply to a message, set a reminder, ask for directions, or ask for translations in over 100 languages.

Does Montblanc Summit have fitness tracking?

Yes, with Montblanc Summit you can track your walks, runs, bike rides, strength training or fitness goals. Try out the pre-installed Runtastic or Fit apps to measure your heart rate, active time, calories burnt, steps taken and distance covered.

Does Montblanc Summit have a heart rate monitor?

Yes, Montblanc Summit has a heart rate sensor at the back of the watch so that you can track your heart rate while performing sports and pursuing your fitness goals.

Is Montblanc Summit water resistant?

Yes, Montblanc Summit is water resistant IP68, meaning it can be used in the rain, in humid environments or while washing your hands. Full immersion in water, swimming, diving and showering could damage the product and are not covered by the warranty.

Can I control or play music with the watch?

Yes, first of all you can control your media playing on your phone with your watch. Second, with the Google Play Music app you can also play music even if not connected with your phone. Montblanc Summit has an internal memory of 4 GB which can be used to store music that can be streamed via Bluetooth to a wireless headphone or speaker.

Can I wear Montblanc Summit on either wrist?

Montblanc Summit can be worn on either wrist, the performance remains identical.

Does Montblanc Summit have Bluetooth? Does Montblanc Summit have Wi-Fi

Yes, Montblanc Summit uses Bluetooth to pair with your phone during setup and to stay connected with the phone. Yes, you can connect your watch directly via Wi-Fi, this is recommended when downloading apps for example. A direct Wi-Fi connection is required if you are an iPhone user and want to use the Google Play™ store and receive software updates.

Can I install apps on the watch?

Yes, additional apps can be downloaded from the Google Play store regardless whether it is paired with an iPhone or an Android phone. Personalise your Montblanc Summit experience with additional apps whether it is for messaging, travel, productivity or to improve your golf swing.

Can I reply to messages e.g. emails or third party messaging apps directly on Montblanc Summit?

Yes, users can reply to messages or emails directly from the watch by using voice, Smart Reply, handwriting or the keyboard. iPhone users can receive and read all notifications from third party messaging apps, and respond to selected apps such as Gmail and Telegram.

What is the international warranty period for Montblanc Summit?

All Montblanc products are sold with a 24-month warranty which applies from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover the following: Defects (or damage) that have been caused by accidents, incorrect use, unauthorised modifications or the use of components or accessories other than those manufactured or recommended by Montblanc and the consequences of normal wear and tear.

How long does the battery last on Montblanc Summit?

The battery is optimised to deliver a full day of normal usage. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge Montblanc Summit.

What are the measurements and specifications of Montblanc Summit?

The watch case has a diameter of 46 mm, a thickness of only 12,5 mm including heart-rate monitor, weighs 78 grams with a stainless steel case and 61 grams with a titanium case (watch case only). For a full specification list, please visit Google, Android and other marks are trademarks of Google Inc.